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These are some applications written with xclass. Click on the image to see a full screenshot, click on the name to download the sources, or just go to the xclass download directory on SourceForge. Note that many of these programs are still unfinished and lack features.

explorer - THE explorer. This is the main reason all this started :-).
desktop - A desktop manager for fvwm95. The companion to the explorer.
run - A run application for fvwm95 (written by F. Hall)
taskbar - A fvwm95 taskbar replacement with plugins
xcpaint - A simple pixmap drawing program (based on X pixmap program)
xcgview - A front-end interface to the ghostscript interpreter (based on ghostview).
notepad - A simple text editor (written by H. Radke)
cdplay - A simple CD player (written by R. Suescun)
mixer - A simple mixer
xcdiff - A front-end to the diff command (written by M. Gerald)
foxftp - A cool ftp client (written by M. Gerald)
nrxmail - A mail client (written by H. Radke)
xpine - a graphical front-end to the popular mail client.
rfb - comprised of xrfbviewer, a full-featured rfb client with macro recording and video capturing; x0rfbserver, a rfb server that provides remote control of an X desktop; and xplayfbs, a player for framebuffer stream files.
rx320 - TenTec RX320 SW receiver control program
Some simple examples: a simple clock, animated gif viewer, simple text file viewer and an earth drawing program.

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Page last updated: May 16, 2003.